Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Loukrounou: abandoned village, occupied

[Thanks to Dave S's comment on the Evretou photo blog, I will try to give each site photo blog a proper introduction; until then, I'll cross-post the introductory posts from Cultural Heritage in Conflict (or samarkeolog).]
I owe even more thanks to Tasos Costeas, who reminded me that the community was first displaced within the south in 1963, then displaced to the north in 1975. (I even had the notes on file. It's been so long, I don't know whether I found them after I'd written this or whether I just got interrupted while I was writing this.) Anyway...

I think this visit to the former Turkish Cypriot village of Loukrounou was incomplete, as I don't think these few, disconnected places are even the centre of the former settlement, let alone its entirety; nevertheless, this is what I have so far.

According to Jack Goodwin (1978: 523), the community [were 'cleared out [yok edilen]' (Erçakıca, 13th June 2007) to Evretou between the 21st and the 31st of December 1963 (Patrick, 1976: 77 – fig. 3.10) - Internal Displacement in Cyprus (n.d.) pinpoints the move to the 28th of December - then] remained [in the south] until 1975, when they were 'escorted to [northern] Cyprus by UNFICYP'; afterwards, Goodwin thought it 'doubtless' that the abandoned village would have been partly, if not fully, occupied by Greek Cypriot refugees from the North - and, evidently, some people are still living and/or working at or near this site.

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[THis was originally posted on samarkeolog on 29th November 2006.]

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